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12.4. Volitional qualities

The will of the individual expressed in volitional qualities. Volitional qualities - is relatively stable, independent of the specific situation of mental formation that determine the level of self-conscious person's behavior, her power over him.

Individual features of liberty inherent in individuals. The positive qualities enrolled qualities such as perseverance, determination, endurance and so on. The qualities that characterize the weakness of the will of the individual, can determine such concepts as opportunism, lack of initiative, intemperance, cowardice, stubbornness and more.

The list of positive and negative volitional qualities very large, so consider the main ones. VK Kalin calls are basal (primary) willed personality traits: a) energy; b) patience; c) exposure; d) courage.

Functional manifestations of these qualities is unidirectional regulatory acts of consciousness that take the form of volitional effort.

During vigor understand the ability of an effort to quickly raise the required level of activity.

Patience is defined as the ability to support pidhrymuvaty by the voluntary efforts of the intensity at a given level in the conditions of internal barriers (for example, if there is fatigue, bad mood, for minor painful symptoms).

Shutter speed - the ability of an effort to quickly slow down (relax, slow down) actions, feelings and thoughts that hinder the implementation of the decision.

Courage - the ability in case of danger (to life, health or prestige) to preserve the stability of the organization of mental functions and does not impair activities. That is courage connected with the ability to confront fear and go for a justifiable risk to a particular purpose.

Other qualities are systemic in nature, associated with a wide range of different manifestations of functional areas (volitional, emotional, intellectual). Such volitional qualities are secondary, system. For example, courage includes such components as courage, endurance, energy; determination - endurance and courage.

System is qualities such as perseverance, discipline, independence, commitment, initiative, organization. It is important to know that basal (primary) volitional qualities are the foundation of systemic (secondary) qualities, their core. Low levels of any one whose basal characteristics complicates formation of more complex, systemic volitional qualities.

Commitment is the ability of the individual to be guided in their actions and deeds of the objectives resulting from strong convictions. The purposeful personality always based on a common, often distant goal and subjects it to its specific purpose.

Persistence - is the ability to achieve goals, overcoming difficulties and obstacles. Persistent person correctly evaluates the circumstances they find something that helps achieve the goal. Such a person is capable of a long and unrelenting tension power steady movement towards the goal.

Opposite the persistence and stubbornness are manifestations of negativism that indicate shortcomings will. Stubborn man defends his false position, despite reasonable arguments.

Integrity - is the ability of the individual to be guided in their actions and behavior steadfast principles and beliefs. Integrity is in stable discipline behavior, truthfulness, objective attitude to the actions comrades sensitive actions. Opposite to these unprincipled man has money.

By volitional qualities that best characterize the willpower of the individual belong autonomy and initiative.

Autonomy - is the ability to act according to their designs, without falling under the influence of other critically evaluate their opinions. Autonomy personality manifested in the ability on its own initiative to organize activities, set goals, and if necessary - to make a behavior change. Self-identity does not expect tips, guidance from other people, actively defends own views may be organized, to lead to the goal.

Initiative - is the ability to find new, unconventional solutions and means of implementation. Opposite qualities is lack of initiative and dependency. Inert man easily exposed to other people, their actions, deeds own decisions casts doubt not sure of their correctness and necessity. Most clearly these qualities are in the form of suggestion.

Determination - is the ability to make thoughtful decisions in difficult circumstances, without hesitation. Indecision is a manifestation of weakness of will. Shy people tend to reject or final decision or endlessly view it.

Will it also describes the individual organization, which is the ability of man to guide their behavior clearly defined plan. This property requires the ability not only to strictly implement the plan, but also show the necessary flexibility when circumstances change reality.

The set of positive (basal and system) volitional qualities of personality forms willpower. People come from:

• very strong will (called iron-willed);

• strong will;

• will moderate;

• weak will;

• helpless.

Control questions:

• Expand the essence of freedom.

• What activities include willed personality?

• What are volitional processes?

• What does the will?

• What types of criteria will you know?

• What is the locus of control?

• How are made volitional action?

• What are the signs of voluntary actions?

• Expand the simple act of volition.

• Describe complex volitional act.

• What are volitional qualities of man?

• What appears weak willpower and personality?

• What is the role of volitional states to overcome internal and external obstacles?


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