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This case concluded one month after the author's presentation to the board, when the regulator asked the author to black-line, with suggested improvements, forthcoming regulations to apply to all companies under the regulator's purview, adopting many of the recommendations the author had provided for Chessfield.


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Richard Leblanc is a governance lawyer, certified management consultant, and Associate Professor of Law, Governance & Ethics at York University. He holds a PhD focusing on board of director effectiveness. He has published in leading academic and practitioner journals, has advised regulators on corporate governance guidelines, and, as part of his external professional activities, has served as an external board evaluator and governance adviser for Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), London Stock Exchange (LSE), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) listed companies, as well as in an expert witness capacity in litigation concerning corporate governance reforms.

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