Manipulation and Characterization of Electrosprayed Ions Under Ambient Conditions: Methods and Instr

OverviewElectrospray IonizationA Brief HistoryElectrospray Ion FormationPreparative ElectrospraySimulations of Ion Motion at Atmospheric PressureFused Deposition ModelingReferencesIon Transport and Focal Properties of an Ellipsoidal Electrode Operated at Atmospheric PressureIntroductionExperimentalChemicals and InstrumentationIon Transport and Beam ProfilingIon Transport EfficiencyIon Trajectory SimulationMass Spectrometer InterfaceResults and DiscussionFocusing of Electrosprayed IonsSimulated Ion TrajectoriesIon Transport EfficiencyMass Spectrometer InterfaceConclusionsReferencesIon Manipulation in Air Using a System of Curved 3D Printed Plastic ElectrodesIntroductionExperimentalProduction and Focusing of Ions in AirSimulations of Ion MotionImaging of Focused Ion StreamIon Transfer EfficiencyIon/Molecule ReactionsSeparation of Ions in AirResults and DiscussionAmbient Ion FocusingIon Transfer EfficiencyIon/Molecule ReactionsSeparation of Ions in AirConclusionsReferencesD Printed Annular Focusing Ambient Ion Mobility SpectrometerIntroductionExperimentalIon Trajectory SimulationsDevice Design and ConstructionDescription of DeviceD Printed ComponentsElectronicsOperational Parameters of 3D Printed IMSIon Deposition Image CollectionIon Transmission EfficiencyResults and DiscussionAnnular Ion FocusingAnnularly Focused Ion Mobility SpectrometerIon Transmission EfficiencyConclusionsReferencesOutlook and Future DirectionsD Printing in the Scientific LaboratoryOverview of FDM Printers and ComponentsNotable Applications of FDMIon Focusing at Atmospheric PressureAmbient Ion Mobility SpectrometryReferences
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