Financial Education for Youth the Role of Schools

The importance of financial education for youthThe importance of financial literacy for individualsGreater supply of a wide range offinancial products and servicesIncreased demand for financial products and servicesRisk shiftIncreased individual responsibilityBenefits of financial literacyFinancial education for youth and in schoolsFocus on youthEfficiency ofproviding financial education in schoolsNoteReferencesImplementing financial education in schoolsStrategies to promote and influence political willingnessAustraliaBrazilNew ZealandSouth AfricaUnited KingdomEffective approaches for the introduction of financial education into school curriculaBrazilNew ZealandCross-curricular approachSocial-inquiry approachCreating a supportive environmentSchool storiesNorthern IrelandSouth AfricaTools to support the introduction of financial education in schools Training the teachersAustraliaCanada and the Province of British ColumbiaEngland, United KingdomJapanSouth AfricaResources and pedagogic materialsCanada and the Province of British ColumbiaEngland, United KingdomJapanSouth AfricaUnited StatesWays to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of programmes Role of private financing: importance and challengesBrazilMalaysiaManaging possible conflicts of interestSouth AfricaUnited KingdomManaging possible conflicts of interestEvaluation of financial education programmesBrazilThe Province of British Columbia (BC), CanadaEngland, United KingdomItalyMalaysiaScotland, United KingdomSouth AfricaNotesReferencesComparing selected financial education learning frameworksScope and definitionHistory of the development of existing frameworksFramework goals and endorsementComparative analysis of content and pedagogical featuresWhat is the focus for financial education and how is this defined?Dimensions of financial educationLearning outcomes/standardsTopics/issues coveredLevels coveredCurriculum linksAssessment of students achievementTeaching and learning resources (see also “Resources and pedagogic materials” in Chapter 2)Professional development (see also “Training the teachers” in Chapter 2)Existing financial education learning frameworksFinancial education learning framework in AustraliaHistory of the development of the frameworkCompetenceResponsibility and enterpriseLearning outcomesDimensions of financial educationLearning outcomes/standardsHistory of the development of the frameworkFinancial education learning framework in MalaysiaFinancial education learning framework in New Zealand (see also Appendix 3.A4)Financial education learning framework in Northern Ireland, United KingdomFinancial education learning framework in Scotland, United KingdomFinancial education learning framework in South AfricaFinancial education learning framework in the United States (Jump$tart)NotesReferences
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