Scope and definition

For the purposes of this analysis, learning frameworks were defined as those that provided a planned and coherent framework for financial education for the official school sector at a national level (or significantly locally and regionally). A learning or curriculum framework operates at a meta-level, providing learning outcomes or standards for financial education over the compulsory school sector, or the primary or secondary level. Eleven financial education curriculum/learning frameworks met these criteria and were included in the analysis on which this report is based.

This chapter is articulated around two sections. The first part provides a comparative analysis of the learning frameworks in relation to their institutional organisational features and their content and pedagogical features. The second part provides an overview of each of the frameworks in relation to their key features.

Table 3.1 Summary of learning frameworks on financial education



Date Published

Responsible Institutions


National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework

First published 2005

Updated 2009, 2011

Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood and Development and Youth Affairs (MCEECDYA)


Guidance for Financial Education in Schools


Department of Education at national and local levels; coordinated by the Brazilian Security Exchange Commission (CVM) with the support of the Central Bank, the Private Pension Plans Secretary (PREVUC) and the Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority (SUsEp)



Guidance on Financial Capability in the Secondary Curriculum: Key Stage 3 and 4


Department for Children, Schools and Families


Financial Education Programme


Central Council for Financial Services Information


Basic Vision on financial education: curriculum framework for development and implementation

January 2009

Money Wise Platform headed by the Dutch Ministry of Finance


Framework on Financial Education for Malaysian school children under the School Adoption Programme


Bank Negara Malaysia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the financial institutions that participate in the Schools Adoption programme

New Zealand

Financial Capability in the Curriculum


The Ministry of Education with input from the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income



Northern Ireland Curriculum Financial Capability


Northern Ireland Executive, Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment


Financial Education in Scottish Schools; A Statement of Position


Scottish Council of Consultative Council on the Curriculum

South Africa

Integrated in the SA National Curriculum Statement

  • 2004
  • 2010 (revised)

Department of Education and Financial Services Board


National Standards in K-12 Personal

3rd Edition, 2007

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Financial Education

  • [1] This curriculum is kept for useful reference but it is not currently taught due to developments within the UnitedKingdom.
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