Framework goals and endorsement

In Australia, England, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland and South Africa, the goals of the frameworks are similar. They aim to provide guidance directly to schools and teachers to encourage and support them to understand financial education and to incorporate it into their teaching and learning programmes. In the Netherlands, guidance is also provided for parents.

In contrast, because of their federal education policies and state education systems, the frameworks Brazil and the United States are aimed at providing guidance at the state level in the development of their curricular for financial education, and as such, no specific curricular links are provided. Both of these frameworks also aim to provide guidance to developers of instructional materials for financial education. In Brazil, a working group composed of different government agencies set up a pedagogical support group with representatives from state and local governments in order to produce a strategic document for financial education at schools.

In Malaysia, the current framework aims to provide a guide to teachers but also to the financial institutions that develop financial education programmes under the auspices of the School Adoption Programme.

With the exception of the Jump$tart framework, all of the frameworks have been endorsed by the respective government education authorities in each jurisdiction. The Jump$tart framework has not been officially endorsed, but it has been subject to ongoing review and has been adopted by the majority of financial education providers in the United States as a framework for a personal education curriculum.

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