Professional development (see also “Training the teachers” in Chapter 2)

Frameworks can refer to professional development that is available to support teachers to incorporate financial education into their teaching. In Northern Ireland, free on-site workshops are provided in response to requests from schools and teachers. In Japan, the Central Council for Financial Services Information (CCFSI), the Local Councils for Financial Services Information, and the Japan Securities Dealers Association hold seminars and conferences to encourage teachers to introduce financial education. Most of the Jump$tart state coalitions offer teacher workshops to support financial education. In South Africa, the Department of Education is responsible for the professional development of teachers. The Financial Services Board also requires that all resources be mediated to teachers through special workshops.

The Australian Framework emphasises that professional learning is essential for the successful implementation of consumer and financial literacy. Australia in 2006 developed a nationally agreed professional learning strategy for teachers and in 2007 followed this up with a national professional learning package developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The Australian Government provided national funding for professional learning which commenced in 2008 and is continuing as a priority.

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