Occupying Space in American Literature and Culture: Static Heroes, Social Movements and Empowerment

THE TIGHTROPE WALKER AND THE OCCUPATION OF SPACESTATIC VERSUS NOMADIC HEROES IN AMERICAN LITERATUREEmptying Out the Premises. Static Heroes Reclaiming SpaceNOMAD SPACES/NOMADIC THOUGHTBARTLEBY’S OCCUPATION OF SPACEUNDOING THE LINES OF LANGUAGEUNDOING THE LINES OF SPACEBARTLEBY AS THE GROUND ZERO OF TEXT AND SPACEPlaces of Eviction and Places of Self-Exemption. The Homeless in William Kennedy’s Ironweed and Don DeLillo’s CosmopolisWILLIAM KENNEDY’S IRONWEED: PLACES OF EVICTION AND ABJECTIONFrom the Cemetery to the Junkyard: The City of the (Non) DeadAlbany: Invisible and Visible GeographiesThe JungleDELILLO’S COSMOPOLIS: PLACES OF SELF-EXEMPTIONMan-TowerMan-Limo Cruising ManhattanWindows into the Real (in Reverse)Impure SpacesPlace (and Time) RegainedHomeless Doubles and Draughty SpacesIcarian Flights: Exiles, Homeless, and Squatters in Hysteron ProteronCircling the Alien. Camp Logic in Austerlitz, Citizen 13660, and Lunar Braceros 2125-2148CAMP AS NOMOSOKUBO’S BIOS IN THE CAMPTopaz Internment Camp and Pioneer Existence: The West in ReverseCamps and Propaganda: Happy Internment in News ReelsBetween the Limit and the Boundary: Undoing the LineLUNAR BRACEROS 2125-2148: FROM RESERVATIONS TO LUNAR DUMPING SITESReservations and New CampsMoon Trash-Tech DutyDISTRICT XBetween Border and Dwelling. The Divisibility of the Line in Frozen River and WelcomeFROZEN RIVER: UNDOING THE LINESTerritorial ContentionsYou Are WelcomeThe Aporias of SmugglingTHE RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS THE OTHERA Good Used Single-Wide: Dwelling and WelcomingWELCOMEContact Zones and the Unlikely HostWelcome and the Double SummonsThe Rerouted Camp in Calais and the Autoimmune CrisisThe Alternative SummonsFrom Bartleby to Occupy Wall Street. The Politics of Empty SpacesWE THE 99%YES WE CAMP: THE AGORA AND THE DOMUSFEAR OF THE VACUUMBibliography
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