Bulimia Nervosa

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BN consists of episodes of binge eating, purging or other compensatory behaviors following binges, and overevaluation of self based on body shape and weight (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Binges are often, but not always, planned in advance. Between binge episodes, individuals with Bn typically restrict their overall food intake and limit their choice of foods. Bingeing and purging symptoms must occur at least twice weekly for a period of 3 months to meet diagnostic criteria. of the possible compensatory measures following binges, approximately 80-90% of patients with BN vomit, approximately 30% misuse laxatives, and others utilize fasting, excessive exercise, diuretics, enemas, and/or stimulants. BN may be subtyped as purging type (use of vomiting, laxatives, or diuretics) or nonpurging type (other compensatory measures, including fasting or exercise). Behaviors associated with BN typically occur in secret and, as with the other eating disorders, are characterized by rigidity, perfectionism, and strong reactions to negative mood states.

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