Presenting Problem

In the next section of the initial treatment report, the therapist provides additional information about the patient’s psychological problem beyond diagnoses.

Eating Disorder Symptoms

Any clinically significant symptoms that will be addressed in treatment should be listed here. It is important for the therapist to include all eating disorder symptoms the patient exhibits, because the managed care reviewer will want to confirm that the patient meets diagnostic criteria. Symptoms should be listed just as they appear in the current DSM. You may also wish to consult Table 6.1 for a listing of common symptoms of BN.

Comorbid Symptoms

Comorbid psychological symptoms should also be included in the initial treatment report, particularly those that will impact the course of treatment or those that will be addressed concurrently with the eating disorder. Because most patients with BN meet criteria for another Axis I disorder, symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, or substance abuse may be present.

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