Proof from decades past shows us that through research and development, medical specialists have been able to make groundbreaking strides to tackle diseases that were once life-threatening. Thanks to vaccines and prescriptions, the diseases that were once death sentences to our ancestors are now either preventable or curable by today’s standards. Even within very recent years, death rates as a result of some of the world’s best-known killers have plummeted; medications for HIV/AIDS, certain cancers, and heart disease have come so far that for many individuals who are diagnosed, they can successfully continue living despite such illnesses.

Yet, in contrast, advances for neurological disorders seem to lag far behind. Treatments, prevention efforts, and cures for autism, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis are almost nonexistent when compared to other ailments. Medical researchers and scientists are still puzzled over migraines and depression, too, although it seems that more people than ever are suffering from such issues.

That’s where the Brian Maker Diet comes in. Dr. David Perlmutter argues that mood and anxiety disorders, headaches, and even certain life-threatening diseases can all be traced back to the health of our digestive system. Through innovative research and analytical diet planning, Perlmutter backs his belief that brain-related wellness is directly related to the microorganisms that dwell within our digestive systems, especially bacteria.

Bacteria, in fact, dictates the nature of more health-related issues than we previously ever imagined: the organisms within our intestines play an active role in detoxification, inflammation, immune system functionality, vitamin and neurotransmitter production, and nutrient absorption. These processes play a huge role in incalculable health-related issues: they can determine our moods, metabolism, and even whether or not we develop certain diseases, such as dementia or diabetes. In other words, the importance of our gut’s health simply cannot be overstated.

Most notably, the root cause for innumerable disorders, diseases, and ailments is the same: chronic inflammation. The greatest factor determining whether or not your body will suffer from chronic inflammation is the food that you put into it. Of course, eating healthy isn’t a revolutionary concept; we’ve always known that putting the right types of foods into our bodies allows it to function at its best. Yet, the link between mental health and diet has never been more apparent. It’s not enough to eat well to keep your body healthy; you must also eat according to your brain’s needs, too.

Even if you’ve eaten poorly for most of your life, it’s never too late to reassess your habits and take your diet in the right direction. Following the Brain Maker eating approach at this stage in your life will help to prevent serious ailments and disorders of both the mind and body later on. By switching to a highly-adaptable eating plan that includes balanced portions of probiotics, fermented foods, gluten-free foods, foods that are low in carbohydrates, and healthy fats, you’ll be able to successfully protect your brain and enjoy an all-around healthy eating plan that nourishes your mind and body.

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