Pinterest is a popular, fast-growing network on the Internet right now. The website offers a way to organize and share content-related images from all over the Web in one spot. Picture Pinterest like an online corkboard or refrigerator with people showing off their interests. You share your favorite images from around the Internet or from your computer called pins and organize them by themes or categories on a board. If someone likes what you've pinned, they will re-pin it themselves, but it will always be attached to your company's profile as it gets passed along (which helps create brand awareness).

Reaching a predominantly female demographic, Pinterest in 2013 was actually the fastest growing content-sharing platform on the Internet. Comprised of these virtual pinboards, Pinterest allows users to keep track of their favorite things – such as recipes, sports gear, blog posts, financial resources, fashion, and more. While at first glance it may seem like this platform is solely for crafty soccer moms in mini-vans, it should not stray far from your radar. It offers the opportunity not only to promote your brand in a creative way, but to also reach out to the female demographic.

I know what you're wondering: “A scrapbooking site for financial services? Why do I need that?” Well, while Pinterest is generally known to cater to woman looking to scout out recipes and crafts, this is actually a good thing! It's estimated that by 2019, women will make up two-thirds of America's wealthy population. Pinterest presents an excellent opportunity to collaborate with these potential clients on a very personal and sometimes viral level. At the time of this writing, Pinterest is the third most-used social network in the United States and is valued at $4 billion. Not bad for a newcomer to the social media scene.

Some other things worth knowing:

■ As of late 2013, Pinterest had more than 70 million users and more than 30 billion pins.

■ Eighty percent of Pinterest users are women, while 50 percent of all Pinterest users have children. Pinterest gives advisors access to this untapped market and their families.

■ Twenty-eight percent of Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100,000. These users have assets to invest and manage.

■ More than 20 percent of Facebook-connected users – more than 2 million members – are on Pinterest every day. These users are connected, engaged in all social media platforms, and they have made it a part of their lifestyle.

■ Pinterest hit 10 million U.S. monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history.

■ Twenty-five percent of Fortune Global 100 companies reported having Pinterest accounts in 2012.[1] BNP Paribas had an extensive collection of pins, with more than 600 followers.

  • [1] Brian Honigman, "100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures From 2012," Huffington Post, November 29, 2012, updated January 29, 2013, huffingtonpost .com/brian-honigman/100-fascinating-social-me_b_2185281.html.
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