How Can I Use Pinterest For Financial Services?

So, now that you know about the basics of Pinterest, here are some ways you can utilize the site for your financial business:

Get visual Infographics are a great way to share financial information that is also engaging to look at. Create an infographic about savings or general financial tips, like the example in Figure 17.2, or simply take one of the best pictures from an event or meeting and post it on your board.

Brittney Castro, owner of Financially Wise Women on Pinterest

FIGURE 17.2 Brittney Castro, owner of Financially Wise Women on Pinterest

Share your interests – Pinterest allows users to connect to one another on a deeper level of shared hobbies, aspirations, and values. Consider pinning popular images that you also like. Did you find a quote that you find inspiring? Pin it and I'm sure others will agree. Brittney Castro, owner of Financially Wise Women, uses Pinterest to connect with her female audience by posting boards on topics such as health and fitness, fashion, and money. See Figure 17.2.

Show the ideal life (or retirement) – Users pin pictures of the ideal lifestyle that they want to have. Imagine you're writing a story for your customers and using images from Pinterest and around the Web to illustrate what their stories looks like.

Show your personality – Share the inner workings of your office. Did someone bring in cookies for the staff? Share it. Does your business have a charity cause? Have a board dedicated to literacy, animal rescue, or whatever it is that your business supports.

Measure results – Just like Facebook, a business account allows you to track pins and usage with analytics.

Share repurposed content – Create boards to share your blogs, YouTube videos, or media appearances. Wintergreen Advisers LLC uses Pinterest to share educational video content on subjects such as “What is dollar- cost averaging?” and “What characteristics should a value investor have?” See Figure 17.3.

The more you start exploring and pinning, the more ideas and connections you will generate. Pinterest will help you continue to grow your online presence and establish your brand – and you might even find something delicious to make for dinner along the way!

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