This book is primarily written for marketing professionals. There are a number of professionals who have a great understanding of marketing analytics and how big data is changing their world. I hope this book provides them with a level of comfort that there are many others who are experimenting in similar ways. This book is intended as a conversation-starter with this community. I have done my level best to discuss technological topics in ways marketing people would identify with.

A second audience is the sellers of information technology solutions to the marketers. Many IT sellers, whether IT departments or salespeople working for technology companies, may have a better understanding about the IT components described in this book. However, I hope the book provides them with better insight on the use cases for their tools and solutions. Most IT marketers are doing their best to learn as much as possible about their customers in order to do a better job of connecting to them. This book should provide fuel to this community by offering a synopsis of how marketing analytics is reshaping their customer base, and how marketers are using IT as a lever to change their processes and organizations.

The third audience for the book is the academic professionals who are teaching and learning about marketing science. They have a much better understanding of the principles referred here. The book should provide them with examples that either validate or challenge these principles. I also hope my examples and use cases will provide fertile ground for academic research in marketing.

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