In chapter 2 , I described the rapid advancement in big data analytics due to a variety of technological and environmental factors that have contributed to its acceleration. The environment has become substantially data driven, and much of the movement is due to the use of information technology (IT). A number of capabilities have grown rapidly with tremendous worldwide crowdsourced collaboration. What are these technological capabilities and how do marketers take advantage of them? How do these capabilities enable marketing analytics for large observation sets? How do they contribute to engaging customers in collaborative conversations? Which technologies enable marketers to orchestrate their efforts and focus on small micro-segments or individuals? This chapter examines these technological enablers and how they help marketers realize the propositions described in the previous three chapters.

Let me use the characteristics of big data to set the requirements first. The four V’s—velocity, volume, variety, and veracity—summarize the major technological requirements. I will cast the propositions by discussing their scaling on these V’s of big data. Next, I will showcase a couple of technologies in response to these V’s and how they scale to big data. Last, but not least, I will discuss hybrid architectures that enable us to integrate these technologies in an end-to-end solution.

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