Paid promotions will expand your reach and ultimately generate prospects for you when done strategically. Here are a few things to consider when diving in to the paid social media space.

Determine which platform will give you the biggest bang for your buck – Before you begin, set your marketing goals to determine which social media network you want to use. As with any marketing campaign, the tools you use to employ paid social media will be determined by your overall goals. Once you've identified these goals, you can select the best social media platform or platforms to ensure your campaign succeeds. Looking to attract more local followers? Then Facebook and/or Twitter might be good tools for reaching this goal. Trying to promote an event to a specific level of business professional? Perhaps LinkedIn would be best for such an endeavor. Just because you are active on all three, doesn't mean you need to advertise on all three. That being said, if your campaign will benefit from exposure on each of these platforms, then tailor your message for each site and promote across all networks.

Develop informative, intriguing content – Because it is free and accessible to pretty much everyone, the social media marketplace is saturated with information, ads, comments, and more. Rather than adding to that clutter, you must elevate and distinguish yourself from the general online jumble, and smart paid social media promotions and advertisements can do just that – but only if you have the right content. Nobody will click on or share an ad or post just because they happen upon it, but they will click on ads and posts that speak directly to their interests or needs. To ensure you get the best results from your paid social media marketing, make sure your promotions include attention-grabbing headlines, enticing images, and above all, powerful calls to action.

Plot out your cross-promotion strategy – Paid ads and promotions can be incredibly beneficial to your organization, serving as a full complement to all your other marketing endeavors. Determine how you can incorporate your social media ads and promos in other marketing venues such as e-mails, wherein you can include links to these ads and posts. Your web site is another great place to cross-promote with your paid social media marketing efforts, as you can easily add your most successful posts and ads to your site and encourage people to share them.

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