Now that you have a story or event to share, you need to find someone to share it with who will help you get the word out. Welcome to the world of influencers – people who have a following in social media and can influence the way issues are discussed. These include the usual suspects such as editors in local media, but they also include local thought leaders such as fellow professionals or investors with a point of view. Building an online relationship with them can help your chances that they will share news of your activities with their own followers.

A key first step is to review the articles and other materials your influencers have published online. You want to share your own point of view about what they're saying on their platform. You can even ask if they would be willing to provide a point of view that you can use in your own story (which, of course, you would source back to them).

There are several methods for finding leaders and influencers via social media, depending on which platform they use. The three key channels – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – all have their own playbooks for obtaining the best results. Let's look at each one in turn.

For LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups consist of members of the platform who share common interests. They typically are built around themes or sponsors, and are a great way to locate influencers in a particular industry. In financial services some good ones are:

Financial Advisor Magazine[1]

■ Financial Advisor Network[2]

■ Compliance Sc Audit Professionals in Banking and Financial Services[3]

LinkedIn Influences

FIGURE 28.1 LinkedIn Influences

LinkedIn Influences allows thought leaders to share content directly with users. Articles can be searched by keyword that will take you to another page that will show you the authors of pieces using those keywords. See Figure 26.1.

For Twitter

■ Use the Search function to query keywords and industry publications, such as @ThinkAdvisor (for TbinkAdvisor magazine) and @NEWSfromIN (for Investment News). Once you find the industry publications, navigate to their lists and you will likely find their journalists and editors. See Figure 26.2.

■ Follow hashtags for events and people related to your media goals.

■ External apps such as Simply Measured (, Followerwonk (, and InkyBee (inkybee .com) use Twitter Analytics to help you gather information on thought leaders.

Twitter Influences

FIGURE 26.2 Twitter Influences

For Facebook

Now that you've found these influences and media resources on LinkedIn and Twitter, use Facebook search to seek out these same industry leaders. Being connected on multiple networks will expand your reach.

While you're at it, research and join industry-relevant Facebook groups. In the search window type: “Groups named [keyword].”

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  • [2] AN-54278.
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