Having a qualified person as your social media manager can benefit an advisor's business or an asset management firm's bottom line in a number of other ways:

■ Ensure your social media efforts maintain a unified voice and consistent message.

■ Boost your search engine optimization (SEO) by already knowing how to incorporate SEO into content that's attractive to search engines.

■ Serve as a liaison with other departments to create, develop, and oversee marketing and promotional campaigns.

■ Save time by having one person manage the contribution and scheduling process. Let your social media manager delegate and schedule this, and you can focus on doing your own job.

■ Ensure you reach every audience with the right content distributed via the best social network.

■ Expand your reach with positive PR generated by forming relationships with media outlets, journalists, industry experts, and bloggers who can help grow your business for free.

■ Position yourself as both the face and voice of your company. Consumers love being able to put a face to a brand, as it engenders trust and likeability.

■ Stay current with changing technology and trends. A good social media expert will be able to identify and adapt to changes in platform tools, networks, or other technological trends.

■ Maintain and manage your company's reputation by monitoring listing sites such as Google+ Local and review sites such as Yelp, replying to comments or reviews (both positive and negative), as well as trolling the Web for mentions of an advisor or your company name and responding as necessary.

■ Post job opportunities on your website as well as sites such as Facebook and Linked In.

■ Get on board with the new ways to distinguish yourself or your firm from the masses with video. You can hire a social media manager with experience in videos and using YouTube to build your brand, promote a service or recruiting campaign, and engage with users.

■ Get valuable intelligence from industry conversations, reviews, and social media efforts other advisors or asset managers are engaged in.

■ Prove that you or your firm really is the authoritative expert by having your social manager craft, maintain, and disseminate blogs, articles, Webcasts, valuable research, or whitepapers. This type of content, in addition to tweets, blogs, Facebook posts, and efforts on other social media channels will bolster loyalty among your target audience.

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