Smart People

This perspective highlights the focus on issues surrounding people's education, learning, creativity, and participation in public life as some of the critical indicators to exploit the human potential of a smart city. In order to make the residents of such settlements smart, quality of life and personality should be systematically enhanced. The High Human Development Index could be considered the most important aspect of such smart people. One of the most important attributes is enrolment of graduate students to higher education and the highest level of qualification achieved, which could further lead to knowledge- driven jobs and intellectual property creation. Such smart people should have the zeal to learn lifelong as well as having high social and ethnic plurality. Open-mindedness is also one of the desired qualities of such people residing in smart cities. Flexibility to adapt to the changes in the environment as well as sufficient creativity to contribute to the knowledge economy would be of paramount importance. Such smart people would also be expected to possess a democratic nature and participate in public life as well.

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