Connecting the Perspectives: A Unified View

The studies in this book touch upon many of these pillars of smart cities, and provide a futuristic direction for deliberation and development of public policy to address these concerns. Each of the perspectives in isolation adds little to enhance the understanding on smart cities. A broader perspective needs to be developed by focusing on studies that contribute to enriching the understanding across these perspective in unison rather than in isolation. This is what the individual chapters in this book strive to contribute to and enrich the existing literature on smart cities. By utilizing interdisciplinary and mixed-research methodologies, perspectives of addressing key issues in smart cities are discussed. Figure 1.2 highlights the potential areas that would need special focus in terms of policies and exploration, as touched upon by subsequent chapters in this book.

The scope of understanding smart cities would remain incomplete without bringing in perspectives from multiple facets of public policy, engineering, process management, and urban governance. Many of the experts working on these domains often work in isolation, which is why the knowledge created has limited scope for dissemination through proper platforms and channels.

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