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This category includes the research papers that discuss how smart cities would lead to an effective management of resources and time. This would in turn encourage tourism, leisure, and recreation. Thus, the brand equity and prosperity of the country and its citizens would improve (Kourtit et al., 2012; Su et al., 2011).


This subcategory examines how smart city tourism would apply useful databases capable of acquiring various kinds of tourism information such as tourism resources, tourism economy, tourism activities, and tourism participants. The real-time tourism information would be obtained through mobile Internet or Internet terminal equipment (MacKay and Vogt, 2012; Roscia et al., 2013).

Leisure and Recreation

This subcategory inspects how the availability of digital gadgets, timely information, and a conducive environment in an ICT-enabled city would expedite and reduce the complexity of tasks. As a result, it would provide freedom for individuals to be creative and enable them to spend quality time with friends and family (Roscia et al., 2013; Kourtit et al., 2012).

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