Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System

A decentralized wastewater treatment system (DEWAT), offering a conventional treatment approach, will be used for treating wastewater. The process followed will be pretreatment, grit and screening, primary treatment, oil/fat removal in an oil separator, a baffled tank reactor, secondary treatment, anaerobic, and plant filtering. Decentralized wastewater systems will be set up for treating wastewater effectively in a decentralized manner, based on wastewater generated per day in various areas of the township.

Integrated Solid Waste Management System

Household segregation of solid waste into organic and inorganic waste (recyclable and nonrecyclable waste) will be achieved by providing separate bins for disposal. Electric battery vehicles will be used to collect segregated organic waste and deliver it to compost-making plants. Electronic waste will be collected separately, once a week. A compost-making plant, using the composting process, is a simple way to turn organic waste into manure for plants. Organic waste is initially processed in an OWC followed by curing, with manure as the product. Adequate land will be provided in open areas for setting up compost plants and the collection of organic waste from households. Horticultural waste from parks and landscaped areas will be collected and sent to grass-shredding machines. This is followed by heating, drying, and finally treatment in a pellet-pressing machine. The output is a coal-like substance with a high calorific value. Residential buildings will have one or more waste chutes, preferably near staircases or lift lobbies, from where waste will terminate at ground level with an automated waste-handling amenity. Litter bins will be placed on streets and in public spaces, parks, markets, and other focal points. A plastic waste-to-fuel machine is proposed to convert plastic waste into fuel oil, based on the pyrolysis process for thermal degradation of plastic waste in the absence of oxygen at very high temperatures.

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