Solar Energy Generation

In every building, the installation of a solar rooftop PV system is mandatory to minimize the use of conventional electricity sources. Maximum rooftop utilization for setting up solar rooftop PV systems is permissible in residential buildings. The solar power generated will be sent to the grid and taken back as per daily requirements. In other buildings, the installation of solar rooftop PV systems will be done for captive uses. The proposal of installing light emitting diode (LED) streetlights with polycrystalline silicon solar panels will offer high efficiency, work off the grid without line voltage, and have minimal maintenance costs with an automatic daylight sensing facility. Solar streetlights can be used along internal roads and within parks and commercial and public buildings. At least 10% of the overall electricity demand will be met from solar power generation.

Transportation Facilities

Public transport ensures the reliable commutation of people within and around the township for employment opportunities. Bus terminals with interchange facilities are suggested at focal points, with passenger information signage and fare collection using an electronic card. Low-floor buses for public transport can ease accessibility for the physically challenged, with a positive effect on ridership and revenue generation. Electric battery vehicles will be used for short-distance commuting to reduce air and noise pollution from roads.

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