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A short course of lectures
«Driving sustainability to business success»

OperationUnderstanding the OrganizationDocumented ProceduresSarbanes-OxleyAnalysis of InformationNorth America Lags BehindEvaluationPilot Project – Management System Makeover™ Factors Driving CEOs on SustainabilityLegal Commitment-ComplianceContinual ImprovementMonitoring and Measurement of ProcessesBusiness Benefits: Business Structure for SuccessSustainable Finance AwardsFuture Competencies in DemandLink between Sustainability and Business ValueGlobal Registration ResultsPrinciples for Driving Business SuccessProcess ApproachData AnalysisAssess, Reflect, Act: Driving Sustainability to Business SuccessMoringa Tree Known as “Miracle Tree” for SustainabilityGKNBuilding Employee RelationshipsMonitoring-ComplianceSystem Approach to ManagementEmergency PreparednessStep One: Identify International Finance Corporation – IFC Financing in Emerging MarketsRana Plaza – BangladeshAccess to World Trade-Global MarketplacePrinciples for Quality Management SystemsDefining Business SustainabilityPatagoniaOperational ControlCEO Study on SustainabilityMutually Beneficial Supplier RelationshipImplementation of PlansThree Areas That Will Affect and Improve BusinessAudienceManagement System Standardization – Annex SLDue DiligenceNonconformity-Corrective ActionGlobeScan/Sustainability SurveyInternational Management SystemsBest PracticesGlobal Reporting InitiativeIII. Integrated Management System Implementation: Three StepsCompliance Costs-Employee PenaltiesImprovementOverview of the ContentsQuality Control PlanGoods and Service Risk QuestionsUnileverI Know ThatImproved Operational ControlsStep Two: Insure British PetroleumTaking the Next Steps to Business SuccessInternal AuditWal-MartSupport – ResourcesPlan, Do, Check, Act – DemingLeadershipLeadershipSystem ThinkingControl of Nonconforming Product or ServiceContinual Improvement – Prevention of PollutionProduction and Service ProvisionReduced RisksI. Business SustainabilityManagement of ResourcesInvolvement of PeopleEmergency Preparedness and ResponseSystem Approach to ManagementCoca-ColaPrinciples for Environmental Management SystemsBusiness Challenges: Management of Business KnowledgeAs a Leader Integrated Management SystemsCorporate Responsibility ReportingInternational Institute for Sustainable DevelopmentNetafimAcknowledgmentsInterfaceAgent for InnovationSupply ChainOperational ClausesMonitor, Measure, Analyze, and EvaluatePerformance EvaluationPerformance EvaluationWhich of Your Customers Generate the 20 Percent?Leadership and CommitmentWho Are Your Customers?Customer FocusIntegrated Principles for a Sustainable Business Management SystemInnovationPrefaceManagement System ImplementationLessons from the LeadersAssess/Reflect/ActThree Main ISO Management SystemsGrey Tsunami-Talent ManagementOperational ControlInnovationPoint–LeapfroggingHSBC Global ConnectionsGlobal Citizenship-Western Digital's CommitmentResources – Training – Competence – AwarenessRole of the BossThree-Step Process: Identify, Insure, Improve – PilotManagement SystemsReady for the Coming Age of AbundanceStrategic Planning-Objectives and ProgramsInnovationManagement ReviewShell International LimitedSocial Responsibility, Credibility, Competitive AdvantageProduct/ServiceEmployees-Engagement and InnovationA JourneyContinual ImprovementProcess Audits – Three-Step ProcessPolicyRecognitionDefinitions of SustainabilityDocumented InformationGood to GreatFive Most Important QuestionsIndustry Leaders Improving Our WorldCompliance with Legal and Other RequirementsRisksWhere Is the Weak Link in Your Management System?BASFSuncor's Challenge – “What Yes Can Do” – Our VoiceSustainability in Developing Countries InnovationDow Jones Sustainability IndexQuantify Business Value for SustainabilityCompliance CostsEmergency Preparedness and ResponseManagement System PlanningBoston Consulting GroupSystem Approach to ManagementI LearnedRefocus of Business Leaders – Top PrioritiesEquipmentFactual Approach to Decision MakingDriving Sustainability to Business SuccessManagement System Control PlanOrganizational Roles, Responsibilities, and AuthoritiesDrivers Pushing Business to Corporate ResponsibilityManagement System Framework – GenericPerformance EvaluationHelping People Help PeopleLeadershipI Am the VisionaryEnvironmental ManagementProductive MeetingsPrinciples for Occupational Health and Safety Management SystemsStep Three: ImproveWhy Use Management Systems Meeting International Standards?Sustainability in the Banking CommunityProcess ApproachIntegrated Management System Standard – PAS 99:2006ObjectivesChildren of the Dump ProjectYouTube Video-Innovators and Managers of ChangeWork EnvironmentAsking, Not TellingBusiness Plans vs. Management Systems Meeting ISO StandardsUnited Nations Global Compact: The Ten Principles – Understanding Their Scope of SustainabilityManagement of ResourcesPrinciples for Management SystemsSeven Steps to SustainabilityCEOs on SustainabilityDevXchangeSustainability Leaders Compliance with Legal and Other RequirementsCommunication
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