Sustainability is of the utmost importance in the minds of CEOs in today's world. This book outlines some of the organizations and leaders driving this initiative, with the differences in what the term sustainability means. Not just an environmentally sustainable design, but a business pathway with the ability to sustain success.

Leaders have many challenges facing them in the coming years, as they set the strategy, vision, culture, and leadership of the management team for their companies or organizations.

The grey tsunami is one challenge, where the baby boomers are leaving the workforce, replaced by the new manager, who understands technological innovation but maybe does not understand past business performance of the organization to bring about organizational innovation.

It is the foundation that will be laid now by the new CEOs or leaders that will make a difference in our world by creating new value- added products, processes, and business models through innovation for sustainability for the future.

Great leaders are those people who ask thought-provoking questions, who may not always have the right answers, but have the ability to have the courage to ask, analyze information, make decisions, and bring about change to drive the success of the business.

Working with many organizations helped me to see the pitfalls in process operations and management system structures. I realized that the success of the company started first with management's principles and then the management system structure. Companies have implemented many management systems separately but could save time and money by integrating and automating management systems, preventing duplication in documentation and activities, and streamlining analysis of data.

This book was written to provide insight and inspiration for leaders, CEOs, managers, and service providers to assist them in being a driving force behind sustainability for businesses. With this in mind, the book addresses business principles and management system structure with the need to address risks.

It provides an opportunity for the reader to Assess, Reflect, and Act, in order to drive business success. Space is provided in the book for you to apply the concepts of principles to your own business and answer questions to stimulate action to bring people, process, and technology together for business success. It is your leadership planning that drives the changes that will bring growth, structure, and expansion to your business.

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