Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Globalization

The rise of authoritarian capitalism in the twenty-first centuryAIMPOLITICAL AUTHORITARIANISM AND GLOBALIZATIONNEW APPROACHES FOR UNDERSTANDING “AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISM”DEFINING ECONOMIC LIBERALIZATION AND POLITICAL AUTHORITARIANISMOUTLINEFantasizing authoritarian capitalism: a brief historyAPPROACHING THE HISTORY OF AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISMFANTASY, CAPITALISM AND AUTHORITARIANISMFANTASIZING AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISMCONTEMPORARY FANTASIES OF AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISMCONCLUSIONGlobalization and the desire for authoritarianismTHE POWERFUL DISCOURSE OF GLOBALIZATIONIN THE AFFECTIVE GRIP OF GLOBALIZATIONTHE FANTASY OF AN “INEVITABLE” GLOBALIZATIONLOOKING FOR SOVEREIGNTY IN THE FACE OF GLOBALIZATIONRECONCEIVING THE GLOBALIZATION PARADOXCONCLUSION: TOWARDS A FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISMThe market despots: the global capitalist fantasy of authoritarian nationalismTHE RISE OF THE MARKET DESPOTSTHE GLOBAL CAPITALIST FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN NATIONALISMTHE “CHINESE DREAM” OF AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISMThe New Maoist Fantasy of CapitalismThe Beijing vs. The Washington ConsensusThe Authoritarian Dream of Chinese CapitalismRUSSIA AND PUTINISM: THE RISE OF THE AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALIST ANTI-HEROThe Birth of the Capitalist Tsar: An Authoritarian Legacy from Tsarism to the USSRThe Rise of PutinismPutin and the Capitalist Fantasy of the Authoritarian Anti-HeroCONCLUSIONDeveloping authoritarian capitalism: the global capitalist fantasy of authoritarian modernizationTHE MARKET AUTHORITARIAN TRANSITIONTHE CAPITALIST FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN DEVELOPMENTBUILDING THE AUTHORITARIAN MARKET STATE: THE CASE OF SINGAPOREBuilding the “Pragmatic” Market StateProtecting the Development of the Market StateThe Capitalist Fantasy of an Evolving Authoritarian DevelopmentPRESERVING AN AUTHORITARIAN DEMOCRATIZATION: THE CASE OF MEXICOFrom Revolutionary Nationalism to the Promise of DemocratizationPreserving Neoliberal DemocracyThe Capitalist Fantasy of Authoritarian DemocratizationCONCLUSIONNOTEThe tyranny of (neo)liberal democracy: a global capitalist fantasy of authoritarian freedomTHE GLOBAL CRISIS OF ILLIBERAL DEMOCRACYTHE GLOBAL CAPITALIST FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN FREEDOMTHE NEW LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC IMPERIALISM: THE CAPITALIST FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN FREEDOM ABROADTracing out the Imperial History of Liberal Democratic AuthoritarianismThe New Liberal Democratic ImperialismSpreading the Capitalist Fantasy of Authoritarianism Freedom AbroadTHE NEW LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC POLICE STATE: THE CAPITALIST FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN FREEDOM AT HOMEThe History of Liberal Democratic AuthoritarianismThe New (Neo)Liberal Democratic Policing StateThe Capitalist Fantasy of Authoritarian Freedom at HomeCONCLUSIONA responsible global hegemony: the capitalist fantasy of authoritarian “good governance”TOWARDS A “RESPONSIBLE” INTERNATIONAL HEGEMONYTHE GLOBAL CAPITALIST FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN “GOOD GOVERNANCE”THE SELF-DISCIPLINED CAPITALIST STATE: THE NATIONALIST CAPITALIST FANTASY OF AUTHORITARIAN “GOOD GOVERNANCE”A History of the Responsible Market StateThe Rise of the Self-Disciplining Capitalist StateThe Self-Disciplining Capitalist Fantasy of Authoritarian Good GovernanceDISCIPLINING THE “IRRESPONSIBLE STATE”The History from Less Government to Better GovernmentsDisciplining the Irresponsible StateThe Disciplining Capitalist Fantasy of Authoritarian Good GovernanceCONCLUSIONIn the global grip of authoritarian capitalism: from liberal democracy to capitalist sovereigntyTHE AUTHORITARIAN EVOLUTION OF GLOBAL CAPITALISMTHE GLOBAL “AUTHORITIZATION” OF CAPITALISMIN THE GLOBAL “GRIP” OF AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISMTHE GLOBAL SHIFT FROM LIBERAL DEMOCRACY TO CAPITALIST SOVEREIGNTYCONCLUSION: AUTHORITARIAN CAPITALISM IN THE AGE OF GLOBALIZATION
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