Taking the Next Steps to Business Success

Business leaders take the first step for business success with the development of their business “principles,” which will be outlined in Part II of this book, where you have the opportunity to assess, reflect, and act on your business principles. Part III will introduce you to managementsystem thinking, following Pilot's Three Steps.

Now is the time to act, building a resilient business-management system structure that can be integrated with collaboration of corporate strategies and corporate culture that will help your organization be successful and survive in the future.

System Thinking

Wikipedia defines system thinking as follows:

System thinking is not one thing but a set of habits or practices within a framework that is based on the belief that the component parts of a system can best be understood in the context of relationships with each other and with other systems, rather than in isolation.

As a manager, director, and leader in the organization, you are the visionary who will make the future for the organization. Choices need to be made and urgency is upon you.

Changes in business are happening at an unbelievable speed, due to the Internet. The lives of individuals and businesses are interconnected around the world today.

Innovation and technology is a power that will keep you in the race.

Ready for the Coming Age of Abundance

The internet has been a medium that brings about innovation of change for businesses, linking them together to source information and services. Global access has brought about greater flexibility in working hours and location of businesses. Content management systems allow business personnel to work on shared documents simultaneously from different parts of the world. Educational material is available providing distance education.

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube offer new ways to interact and communicate. Companies have new opportunities to market products and services.

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