Business Benefits: Business Structure for Success

International standards provide a framework for management systems, to assist leaders in driving business success. They facilitate continual improvement in business operations, providing a framework to provide what I call the three Ps: performance, productivity, and profits.

The ISO process-based framework assures others that you have identified and understood customer requirements and have consistently implemented processes and procedures in place to ensure effective and efficient operation of your business to provide customer satisfaction. As well, your management system framework supports innovation, change management, automation, and technology.

It starts with your identification of your business processes and requirements for customer and legal issues, understanding your business risks tied to these areas to properly manage them through allocation of resources and operational controls. Strategic planning is done by setting clear measurable objectives, concentrating on customer satisfaction and partnerships that will create growth, and ensuring that these are understood and supported throughout the organization. Operational controls are put in place for product or service realization and support processes have been identified.

The following processes will support reviews for increases in profitability: performance evaluation, monitoring and measurement of planning, and use of resources and improving processes. Verification of management system effectiveness and efficiency and continual improvement are supported through the internal and external audit process, helping organizations clearly identify where they are going astray and which areas need further improvement.

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