Why Use Management Systems Meeting International Standards?

In the global economy, it is crucial to understand how your suppliers and customers manage their business operations, as many of the business systems are interconnected. Companies are no longer just next door to develop close relationships with. Companies like to deal with other businesses that have a structure in place that they understand and work to.

Business relationships are crucial, and decision makers need to feel confident that the organization they are working with has identified its risks and has structures in place to monitor and measure processes before problems occur. These may be related to the following, which could have an impact on their business: on-time delivery, nonconforming products or services, compliance or legal issues that will stop the operation of the company or have an impact on their products, and customer satisfaction.

The global business market requires a corporate strategy, not with a business plan but a management system. Using systems thinking at the point of customer contact with quality control, and at the point of operations with risk identification, ensures that controls are in place, with monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation.

Management systems meeting international standards are a closed- loop system for ongoing planning, implementing, monitoring, measuring, and evaluating continual improvement of business operations. The ISO standards provide a recognized structure that is understood and recognized around the world as facilitating international commerce, and they are accepted by over 190 countries.

These management systems have been researched with input from top corporations around the world, through ISO Technical Committees, outlining a framework that ensures effectiveness and efficiency with continual improvement being at the forefront for business success.

When an organization has compliance issues and goes to court, the judges in many cases have required companies to implement management systems to international standards for environment and health and safety, therefore an ISO management system is a defense for due diligence.

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