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Employees-Engagement and Innovation

As outlined in the principles earlier in the book, it is important for employees/contractors to work in an environment that would allow for engagement and innovation.

The direct relationship your employees have with their managers or supervisors may impact your business, as most employees leave a company due to the relationship they have with them.

An organization needs its people at all levels of the organization to be engaged and responsible for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the company's operations, and to assist in identifying improvement opportunities and bringing forward product/service nonconformities so that they can be addressed. The hands-on people usually know what the issues are, such as problems tied to product quality, and understand the environment, health, and safety risks of their work.

The following five questions may help you have a better understanding of your employees and review your support system for engagement and innovation.

1. What are your core values? This I emphasized in the beginning of the book. Do your employees know what you have set as the core principles or values?

2. Does their work environment enable active participation to meet the guiding principles or values that you have set as leaders of the organization? What successes have you had? Why?

3. Does your organization coach employees, aligning them with your organization's objectives for continual improvement to drive your business mission? How?

4. How do you measure and improve your workforce engagement so that innovation is part of the culture?

5. Do you recognize the people working for you for their contributions and achievements to these values? How?


Innovation is needed to help business with not only solving problems but also coming up with creative ideas to improve or create value for the organization. It is important to recognize the individual(s) at the time of the input or when a project has been completed, not just at an awards ceremony at the end of the year, which has been the case with many companies in the past.

Ongoing recognition is important to build relationships with your employees, to understand their passions, and to make them feel like valued members of the team by being creative change agents. A happy employee will help an organization be more productive, and is eager to contribute every day.

Today's companies have been more supportive of employees by providing opportunities for them to work from home, as well as working extended four-day weeks. Top performers look to work with companies that respect and can meet their needs, as well as the organization's.

In the future, with the shortage of talent, companies will need to find ways to attract and keep good employees, not only providing a quality work experience but also providing the security that they will need to work with their company.

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