For the CEO of a company, the following conclusions can be reached, tied with the research that has been outlined in this book. The current competitive landscape results are quoted from the World Economic Forum.

The onus is on the CEO and top management to assess, reflect, and act to ensure the business sustainability of their organization. This book has provided you with questions to ask and get answers for to help in this leadership. The onset of the grey tsunami could be a ripple or a tidal wave, depending on whether you are prepared to deal with the aging population and the upcoming tech-savvy generation. You must be the visionary who brings about management system integration and automation with innovation and technology.

Competitive Landscape

Companies looking for insight into the competitive landscape of some 148 economies can go to -competitiveness-report for the most comprehensive assessment of national competitiveness worldwide. The need for innovation is outlined in the report's preface:

In the current context, policymakers must avoid complacency and press ahead with the structural reforms and critical investments required to ensure that their countries can provide a prosperous environment and employment for their citizens.

They must identify and strengthen the transformative forces that will drive future economic growth. Particularly important will be the ability of economies to create new value-added products, processes, and business models through innovation.

Going forward, this means that the traditional distinction between countries being “developed” or “developing” will become less relevant and we will instead differentiate among countries based on whether they are “innovation rich” or “innovation poor.”

Mr. Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

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