As a Leader

I Know That

• Our business world is the global marketplace. Our management system processes need to be understood, integrated, automated, and managed to international standards.

• Social media has transformed the way we do business.

• Transparency disclosure practices are here to stay.

• Customers require a product/service consistency, whether it is in the product itself, packaging requirements, delivery times, etc. Are we in the game?

• The clock is ticking and baby boomers are leaving the workplace; we need succession planning in our organization.

• Process risks need to be identified and managed.

• Changes need to be managed.

• Innovation and technology keep us in the marketplace.

I Am the Visionary

As a manager, director, or leader in the organization, I am the visionary who will make the future for the organization. Choices need to be made and urgency is upon us. Leaders ask questions – questions like the following, which I have answered.

• Where will our business be in the next two to five years?

• What will be our top three business challenges?

• What are our principles, plans for performance, productivity, and profits?

I need to be able to communicate our principles and plans successfully to our stakeholders.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein

I Learned

How you put these three areas in use for the future will determine where we are in the race:

1. Mobility (Internet, mobile devices)

2. The cloud

3. Instant analysis of data (for decision making and real-time data)

Pilot Project – Management System Makeover™

Driving Sustainability to Business Success

As a leader in business, I will need to turn corporate strategy into system thinking by asking questions, being creative, and innovating in order to improve, and being progressive in automation and technology in order to be competitive.

These three steps – Identify, Insure, Improve – are important steps in the success of implementing and auditing an integrated business management system driving our mission.

The Pilot project for a management system makeover will provide the ability to sustain or invest now for the future, empowering our organization to be successful in the global marketplace.

To all my readers:

I wish that this book, Driving Sustainability to Business SuccessThe DS Factor, will be an agent for change to provide you, as a leader, with an opportunity to assess and reflect, and inspire you to act, to drive your business to success in this competitive global marketplace. When we can be successful in our businesses, we can reach out to help sustain others.

Success requires you as a leader to ask questions, to solve problems, to think or imagine beyond boundaries, to take calculated risks and to take action. Remember there is no such word as “can't”; you can do anything you put your mind to, write it down, be open to opportunities. Be innovative, creative, use new technology. Build your mission by understanding your customers and ensuring your integrated management system structure and implementation team are built on solid principles that support improvement and engagement for defined and measurable sustainability for customer satisfaction and business success.