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A short course of lectures
«The art of RF (riba-free) Islamic banking and finance»

REVIEW QUESTIONSSOME ADVICE FOR THE NEWCOMERS TO THE RF LIFESTYLETHE JUDAIC POSITION ON THE CHARGING OF RIBIT (INTEREST): MONEY, LENDING, AND INTEREST IN THE TORAH AND THE JEWISH TRADITIONOrganizers for Seminars, Industry Group Conferences, and Training ProgramsU.S. BANKING REGULATIONSBusiness Financing and Relaxation of the Rules of Prohibiting the Charge of InterestImpact of Variation in Market Interest Rate Environment on Bond Market ValueCivility and Social Responsibility of the RF Ranking SystemMAKING HISTORY: ACQUIRING THE BANK OF WHITTIER, NAPosition of the Catholic Church on Usury (Interest) from Riba Bonds and the Church's Changing Position over limeMuslim PuritansCase Studies: Developing the RF Banking Investment ProductsThe Development of the Universal RF System in IslamRF Banking Consumers and Potential UsersGovernment OP Sovereign BondsRF (ISLAMIC) BANKING MODELSThe RF Legal Foundation on LeasingRF Banking: A New Banking Brand for the Twenty-Hrst CenturyTHE PROHIBITION OF RIBA/RIBITSupplementary RF Finance Definitions and Principles Pertaining to Sukuk TradingApplication of the RF Law Using the RF Commodity Indexation DisciplineTraining and Oversight ResponsibilitiesThe Needy (Miskeen) FundLicensing a Commercial Bank in the United StatesLiquidity of BondsCases Litigated in the U.K. CourtsDuties of the Shari'aa Board at the RF BankPerforming Scholarly Research to Develop and Pass Religious Edicts and Rulings: The Process of Issuing a Fatwa (An Edict)THE 2008 GLOBAL ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL MELTDOWNThe People of the FaithBank Examination fop Safety and Soundness by Bank RegulatorsReligious LeadersThe History of Gold Markets and PricesAcknowledgmentsVALUES AND BUSINESS ETHICS OF THE RF BANKER The Qur'aanBank RegulatorsThe MediaDevelopment of an RF Monetary System to Develop a Fair RF Pricing DisciplineMunicipal BondsBoard of Directors and Management Supervision and AdministrationTHE SHARI'AA LAW AND THE LAWS OF THE LANDVALUATION OF BONDS: BOND BATING AND BATING AGENCIESCommercial BuildingsThe Velocity of Money Concept and the Riba-Based Monetary Principles Anti-Money Laundering (AML) ProgramPolicies and ProceduresThe Meaning of Establishing a LienFixed-Income Debt Instruments in the Form of Riba-Based BondsWhat Is RF (Islamic) Banking?Gold Reserves in the WorldThe Role of the Shari'aa BoardBOX 8.1 A SAMPLE PRIVACY LETTER SENT TO ALL CUSTOMERS AT LEAST ONCE A YEARPrice of Natural GasThe ProcessThe Law (Shari'aa) Prohibits Deceptive and Speculative Activities in Business Transactions (Gharar)RESOLVING THE PROBLEM OF NONPERFORMING CREDITS (LOANS)The South Asian Diminishing Musharaka Shani'aa-Compliant ModelAdvertisingAttorneysRF Banking Model for the Twenty-First Century: The LARIBA RF Model: Developing the Shari'aa-Based Finance ModelThe Al-Baraka Shari'aa-Compliant ModelHome Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)RF (Asset-Based) Bonds—SukukEngagement Letter for External AuditorsBusiness FinancingBusiness FinancingLOOKING FOR A SUITABLE BANK TO ACQUIREDEVELOPMENT OF THE MARK-TO-THE-MARKET RULERiba al-FadlThe Fiat Money EconomyConcentrationRegulation 0: Loans to Bank insidersRegulation Q: Prohibition against Payment of Interest on Certain Deposit Account TypesOCC FundingBankruptcy LawsThe Unique Features of the LARIBA Shari'aa-Based RF Finance ModelTHE BANKING SYSTEM OF THE UNITED STATESBUILDING THE SHARI'AA-BASED LARIBA RF FINANCE MODELResolutions Taken by "Islamic" Banks to Avoid Lengthy TrialsGOVERNMENT SUPERVISION OF THE RANKComparing RF Banking and Conventional Riba-Based Banking: What Is the Difference?NOTESTHE FEDERAL RESERVE HOARD OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,Steps for Implementing the ModelSharfria ScholarsTHE CULTURE UF RENTING MUNEY WITH RIBIT/RIBARF Capital Markets: Developing the RF Capital Market Investment ProductsLeasing (ljara) RulesThe OCC's ObjectivesThe RF Management EthicsFiat (Paper) MoneyTHE RF CAPITAL MARKET AND ITS RF INSTRUMENTSConsumptionFair Lending TrainingGOLD: THAT AMAZING METALPoliticiansPrice of Crude OilRegulation ВВ: Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)National BanksThe MUIS Waqf Sukuk: RF Asset-Based Bonds Used to Unlock the Value of Real Estate TrustsUnsecured LoansNotificationTypes of RibaFatwaStructure of the Federal Reserve Board (America's Central Bank)Towards an RF Monetary Discipline: The RF Commodity Indexation DisciplineMortgage Finance Servicing PolicyCommitmentProfessionalismLending to the EnemyTHE AUDIT POLICYThe Structuring of the Singapore MUIS Waqf SukukThe Concept of God Owning EverythingConstruction FinancingREVIEW QUESTIONSPrivate Direct InvestmentGovernment Monitoring ProgramLending tn the PoorRequirements of the Judeo-Christian-lslamic Shari'aa Law in the Issuance of SukukRegulations P and SPrice of RiceRF Mortgage-Backed Sukuk SecuritiesA BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BRETTON WOODS AGREEMENTCash and Cash EquivalentsTHE CHALLENGE OF FINANCING NEW BUSINESSES AND GROWING EXISTING BUSINESSPosition of the Contemporary Roman Catholic Church on Allowing the Charging of InterestSources of Shari'aaDuties, Responsibilities, Authorities, and Accountability of the Compliance CommitteeOVERDRAFT PROTECTION FOR HOLDERS OF CHECKING ACCOONTSMonthly BillingBonds' Pricing in the Secondary MarketThe Unique Features of the LARIBA SharFaa-Based ModelMonetarists,,,Setting the Market Price of Gold: Gold Price FixingBANKING AND INVESTMENT BANKINGReverse MortgagesJustice and Fairness on Both Sides: The RF Bank and the CustomerSpecific Action Plan and Steps Taken by Bank ManagementTHOSE WHO "MAKE" MONEY AND OTHERS WHO "EARN" MONEYThe Stages Used to Implement the Shari'aa-Based LARIBA Model of FinancingFair Lending PolicyTHE STAFF AND EMPLOYEE POLICYTHE RF BANKING BRAND: HISTORY, DEVELOPMENT, AND STAGES OF GROWTHTHE CYCLICAL NATURE OF THE FIAT MONEY ECONOMYLending to Non-Jews with InterestThe RF Valuation Disciplines of Commodity Indexation and Marking to the MarketRegulation B: Equal Credit OpportunityLINES OF CREDITAmerican Currency before the Federal Reserve SystemWhat Is Money?The RF Market SystemLoansCredit ExtensionApplication of the South Asian Shapi'aa-Compliant ModelTHE DEVELOPMENT OF RF SCHOLARS AND COMPLIANCE COMMITTEES FOR RF FINANCE INSTITUTIONS IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURYTHE RESULTSTrading of SukukTHE CHARGING OF MBIT (INTEREST) IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC TRADITION: THEN AND NOWCompliance Audit FunctionInvestment BanksTYPES OF BANKING SERVICES IN THE UNITED STATESThe Lease-to-Own Models (Al-ljanah Wal Iqtina or Al-ljanah Wal Tamaluk)Academics and University Professors of Economics and FinanceReporting RequirementsCompliance CommitteeDeveloping the Institution of Giving (Zakah) as a Required Islamic Ritual (Like Prayers)Joint Venture (Musharaka) Direct Investment/Equity Ownership or PartnershipLocal Community Religious Leaders or ImamsThe Conventional Riba-Based Banking SystemAPPLICATION OF THE MODELLoans to the PoorThe LARIBA AgreementConcerns of Western Central Bankers and Bank Regulators Regarding Shari'aa BoardsTHE RF JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-ISLAMIC SYSTEM AND DUSINESS ETHICSConsistencyAutomobile and Equipment LeasingRF Bonds: Sukuk (RF Asset-Based Income Instruments that Replace Riba-Based Bonds)NEW TRENDS THAT CAPTURED THE IMAGINATION OF THE PAGANS OF THE ARADIAN PENINSULA — LESSONS TO LfARNfflOMSources of Funds Used in RF FinancingWho Owns the Federal Reserve Bank?A Historic Review of the Definition of Money and Monetary Discipline According to the Judeo-Christian-lslamic Shari'aa Law by Many RF Scholars The Way of Life (Sunnah) of the ProphetServicing the Hnancing Facility — The LoanFormulating the Financing According to Shari'aaConsumer Compliance ManagementLARIBA'S MISSION AND BACKGROUNDThe LARIBA RF Finance Model,Preface to the Second EditionThe Fed Fund Interest Rates Setting Regime: The Taylor Rule,,,Participants in the Development of Modern RF BankingBOX 8.2 ООС REQUEST LETTER: FROM THE ООС OFFICE TO THE BANK'S PRESIDENTRegulation D: Reserve Requirements for Depository Institutions (Banks)The Approach Used to Develop the Art of Islamic RF BankingMAJOR OBJECTIONS OF RF SHARI'AA SCHOLARS TO THE CONVENTIONAL RIBA-BASED FINANCE CONTRACTAudit Response by ManagementGuidelines for RF Investing in the Stock MarketTHE VISION OF AN IDEAL FAITH-BASED JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-ISLAMIC SOCIETYFinancing Future Production (Ba'i ul Salam)Corporate BondsThe Science and Foundation of Scholarly Research, or "Usui Ul Fiqh"Record RetentionStrategies Designed and Steps Implemented by the New ManagementStarting an RF Bank in the United States: Acquiring and Restructuring a Troubled Bank and Operating It Riba-FreePutting the RF Finance Movement and Discipline Together: A Step-by-Step Application of the RF Finance ProcedureRegulation DD: Truth in Savings ActTHE CHARGING OF RIBIT (INTEREST) IN THE TRADITION AND TEACHINGS OF THE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN CHURCHRiba BankersA PROPOSED BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA THAT OSES THE RF MONETARY DISCIPLINELending to the PoopDeveloping the Art of RF (Islamic) Banking and FinanceApplications and Information GatheringDenial Reasons and Other DataThe Office of the Comptroller of the CurrencyTHE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN-ISLAMIC VALUES: CIVILITY, MORALITY, AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYELEMENTS OF THE RF ECONOMIC SYSTEMRegulation C: Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)Community LeadersReal and Nominal Interest RateRIBA-FREE BUSINESS TRANSACTION MODELSCompliance ProgramProfessionals Who Serve and/or Benefit from the New Islamic Banking IndustryBusiness FinanceBehavioral Guidelines and the Discipline of GivingTHE SHARI'AA BOARD IN AN RF (ISLAMIC) BANK OR FINANCE COMPANYThe History of MoneyThe Algorithm and Computer ProgramOur Strategic Approach to Restructure the Bank of WhittierMoney and Its Creation: The U.S. Federal Reserve System (Central Banks) and Interest RatesTHE RF BANKING DISCIPLINE: WHERE DO WE START AND HOW DO WE REALIZE THE DREAM?ANALYSIS OF PRICES OF HOMES, COMMODITIES, AND STOCK MARKETS IN THE ONITED STATES USING THE COMMODITY INDEXATION DISCIPLINEEquity Investments According to the RF DisciplineRF Investment Discipline in StocksCASE STUDIESMisnomers in RF BankingProcessReason for ProhibitionAbout the Book CoverMortgagesRF ASSET-BACKED BONDS CSUKUK)Price of CoalThe Development of a Religious Real Estate Trust RF Bond (Waqf Sukuk)THE MEGA-BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONSFunction of the Federal ReserveDocumentation of RF Financing for U.S. ComplianceTHE RF LIFESTYLEShort-Term InvestmentsHome Equity LoanThe U.S. Dollar's Role as an International Reserve Currency and the Developing Nations (Also Called Less Developed Nations)THE 10 GOLDEN COVENANTS OF THE RF BANKERUsury/lnterestCredit UnionsThe RF Approach to Handling Troubled and Nonperforming: Credits (Loans)Normalization of Various Stock Market Indexes Using the Commodity Indexation DisciplineTHE INVESTMENT PYRAMIDRF Credits (Loans) in Contrast to Types of Riba-Based LoansThe Faith-Based Judeo-Christian- Islamic Foundation of the Prohibition of Interest and the RF (Riba-Free) Banking SystemPreface: My Story with RF (Islamic) Banking and Finance in AmericaFinancial PerformanceCalculation of the Economic Viability and Prudence of the InvestmentLoan Documentation Philosophy and ApproachRF (Islamic) Banking in the Twentieth CenturyCOURT CHALLENGES TO THE SHARI'AA-COMPLIANT "CONTRACT FITTING" USED RY SOME ISLAMIC FINANCE APPROACHESState BanksProductionPopular Thought Leaders in the Muslim WorldTHE LAW: SHARI'AADisclosureThe Cost-Plus (Murabaha) ModelRegulation Z: Truth in Lending Act (TILA)The Lifestyle of the Judeo-Chnistian-lslamic Value SystemRiba al-JahiliyahApplication Processing and Evaluation and Loan Application Second Review ProcessLegal and Financial CategoriesThe Law: The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Shari'aaDistributionCredit Creation in the Modern Banking System — The Money Multiplier ConceptTHE PUZZLE AND THE CHALLENGE OF DEVELOPING RF RANKING AND FINANCINGGeneral Policy StatementRIBA-BASED CONVENTIONAL FINANCING VERSUS RF FINANCINGAppraising the Property or the BusinessApproaches Used to Appoint Shari'aa BoardsThe Bank Restructuring and Workout Plan: Turning the Bank AroundOrganizational StructureNonprofit and Religious Centers and School FinancingFinancial Engineering and the Law (Shari'aa)Fair Credit Reporting ActThe Central Bank and the Regulatory Shari'aa Compliance CommitteeCost-Plus (Murabaha)Working Capital RF Lines of CreditMoney Management (Mudaraba)Internal ControlsHomes in America,Construction Financing Lines of CreditToward an RF Monetary Theory and DisciplineOPERATING THE FIRST RF BANK IN THE UNITED STATESVisions for the Future of RF BankingAN OVERVIEW OF RF RANKINGISLAM: THE ADDITIONAL AND CLOSING LINK IN THE CHAIN OF JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITYAsset QualityTHE PROHIBITION OF CHARGING OF RIBIT/RIBA CINTEREST/USURY) IN ISLAMTRADING OF SUKUK ON SECONDARY MARKETSBallooning LoansThe Ultimate Intent and Goals of the Law (Shani'aa): Maqasid Al Shari'aaTrainingPurpose of the ActGUIDELINES FOR RF INVESTING IN THE STOCK MARKETInsurance of Bank Deposits by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
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