IPTV Operators

These are, in effect, ISPs with QoS controlled subscriber circuits, managed IP end to end. The consumer would have to subscribe to her network services to receive the IPTV packages, which come with a specific Set-Top Box and a specific access circuit to the home.

Broadcast OTT Operators

These are analogous to the traditional DTT/DTH multiple service operators, although they work entirely in the IP domain, and they hand off the delivery responsibility to either their own operator CDN and access network or third party ISP subscriber networks. They target specific devices and often tightly integrate with the existing DTT/DTH and Telco services to provide the OTT services as value added extensions of the existing DTT/DTH broadcasts. While the paywall may reside with the broadcast OTT operator, the partner DTT/ DTH and Telco networks often have a direct commercial relationship, even if that only extends to providing access to the Set-Top Boxes with EPG and UI support (although it may extend to a near-IPTV like distribution model too).

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