How Does it Report?

As the software replaced all the third party technologies in the workflow, it provided an opportunity to consolidate reporting into a clean, clear, and dynamic reporting model using graph-like output. This means that id3as can drill into any issue in the workflow in a graphical way, with an almost unlimited amount of detail available. This ensures that stand-alone, real-time monitoring is possible out of the box; it's also tightly integrated into NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions' own management and reporting systems.

To summarize - and I have said it before - the IT craze for all things “cloud” would, at first, seem to be all about technology, but it's not. It is really a broad term for dynamic economic models that are underpinned by a variety of technologies.

Yes, you can generally (technically) do in the cloud what you would do on private dedicated equipment, but the key advantage should be cost and flexibility. It should, as with the example in this article, be driven by the real value proposition to the customer and not clouded with trendy buzzwords.

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