Professionalism is the talent of taking power through our creator, God, the source of all powers, to love what we do, to improve ourselves, to add to our experiences, and to do the best we can at what we promised to do. Professionalism is making promises that can be delivered and, if possible, delivering them better than promised. Professionalism is the act of believing in and bringing to life the values of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic system and in particular the bringing to life a true RF lifestyle and discipline. Professionalism is the pride of doing what we know, the strength of being able to say “we do not know” when we do not, and the determination to learn more.


Concentration is the ability to focus, listen, ponder, and reflect. It speaks to us quietly above the roar of our mind. Concentration in prayers, in supplication (du'aa), in remembering God, and in our work trains us to ignore the extraneous, dismiss the distractions, and avoid the pessimists, and prompts us to focus at will. Concentration is part of worshipping God (ibada). It is clarity. It is what keeps our emotions from getting the better of us. Concentration keeps pressure from becoming paralysis, and keeps us away from diluting our efforts by spreading ourselves too thin. Concentration is what keeps our eyes on our goals, allowing us to turn reaction into action, disadvantage into opportunity, and opportunity into success. Our goals should be crystal clear. We need to build the foundation of a worldwide RF banking and finance system beginning in America, to bring the masses (alnas) back to the basic values of trust, humbleness, living within our available means, never stopping to dream and work hard to achieve these dreams one step at a time with sincerity and wisdom.


Consistency is a character trait that makes us unimpressed with a single success. Consistency confers medals only upon those who burn brightly with the repetition of achievement. It is more than a promise. It is performance over time. Consistency means never resting, never taking our talents — the precious gifts of God — for granted. Consistency is the practical proof that we are believers in God. The RF banker is trained to be consistent in matching the RF values with an RF lifestyle one person at a time until this lifestyle and RF banking discipline is popularized first in America and then in the world.


Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. We need to promise God and the community to promote and popularize an RF lifestyle and to build the RF banking and financing infrastructure for our customers worldwide. Commitment is the word that speaks of our intentions and the action that speaks louder than words. Commitment is making time when there is none. Commitment is coming through time after time, year after year, for the whole of our life. Commitment is what builds character. It is the power to change starting from the possible in order to achieve what is perceived as impossible. It is the daily triumph of integrity, of belief in God, and of belief in the future over skepticism.

  • [1] Based on a mid-1980s advertising campaign by Shearson Lehman, but adapted by the author.
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