Future Research

Privacy concerns

One of the largest areas of new development in relation to online testing is privacy concerns. Bauer and colleagues (2006) examined these in the lab with students in a simulated employment situation and in the field at a large state agency. Consistent with their predictions, they found that procedural justice moderated the relationship between privacy concerns and important outcomes such as test-taking motivation, organizational attraction and organizational intentions. Furthermore, more internet-savvy job applicants are more satisfied with online application procedures than those who are less familiar with this technology (Sylva & Mol, 2009).

These concerns become much more specific when employers use information available on social media accounts (Stoughton, Thompson & Meade, 2015; Van Iddekinge, Laniv- ich, Roth & Junco, in press) or use credit score information, or both (Bernerth, Taylor, Walker & Whitman, 2012) in their selection processes. These factors are consistent with Alge’s (2001) work, which shows that individual value control over their public persona when it can be damaging. Thus, there is fertile ground to further examine how the digitalization of data is influencing applicants and their perceptions of selection processes.

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