Cognitive ability

Roth and colleagues’ meta-analysis (2001) found an overall d of 0.72 between Latinos/ Hispanics and Whites in favour of Whites (k = 39, N = 5,696,519). However, when isolating industrial samples from the dataset, they obtained an estimate of d = 0.83 (k = 14, N = 313,635), but the value decreases to 0.58 when Wonderlic samples were removed (k = 11, N = 6,133).

Hough and colleagues’ (2001) narrative review found that Latino/Hispanic test-takers, on average, scored lower than White test-takers on cognitive ability tests (d = 0.50). Hough and colleagues’ estimates of differences on more specific facets of cognitive ability tended to be appreciably smaller, but were still substantial. Specifically, they reported the following effect sizes, with all favouring Whites: verbal ability d = 0.40, quantitative ability d = 0.30, science achievement d = 0.60 and mental processing (i.e., cognitive speed and decision speed) d = 0.38. As was the case with the White and African-American comparison, the effect sizes tend to be larger on tests requiring acquired knowledge.

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