Evaluating Project Outcomes Through a Sustainable Development Lens

Drawing from the perspectives of members of the women’s collective, this section explores the overall performance of the project, as well as specific successes and challenges using a sustainable development (social, economic and environmental) lens. The women’s collective unanimously indicated the high benefit of the project, due to a multitude of social and economic gains that surpass associated costs. Overall, the project was considered positive in this one sub-village, particularly due to the perceived resilience of the cassava plants against local fluctuations in environmental conditions which helps to ensure reasonably reliable yields. It is however important to note that this success is only relevant to this sub-village; the program has ceased in adjacent sub-villages likely due to a lack of participation and funding. This is comparable to a multitude of similar projects in developing countries that, as a result of resource and management pitfalls, endure slow progress or are terminated entirely (e.g. Salayo et al. 2012; Salkeld 2007). The following sections explore the social, economic and environmental dimensions of the project in Gunung Manuk sub-village.

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