Policy and procedure

Employers should establish a policy that explains the responsibilities of managers and employees when an employee is absent due to sickness. This should describe the expectations, actions, and terms and conditions of employment (Box 30.2 provides a model policy statement designed by ACAS). Organizations pay employees to attend work, so attendance is accepted as the norm. Whilst employers recognize that some limited absence is inevitable their aim is to facilitate a return to work at the earliest opportunity when provided with appropriate support and assistance.20

Box 30.2 ACAS sample policies

Policy statement

We are committed to improving the health, wellbeing and attendance of all employees. We value the contribution our employees make to our success. So, when any employee is unable to be at work for any reason, we miss that contribution. This absence policy explains:

  • ? what we expect from managers and employees when handling absence
  • ? how we will work to reduce levels of absence to no more than xx days per employee per year.

Box 30.2 ACAS sample policies (continued)

This policy has been written after consultation with employee representatives. We welcome the continued involvement of employees in implementing this policy.

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