Notification of absence

If an employee is going to be absent from work they should speak to their manager or deputy within an hour of their normal start time. They should also:

  • ? give a clear indication of the nature of the illness and
  • ? a likely return date.

The manager will check with employees if there is any information they need about their current work. If the employee does not contact their manager by the required time the manager will attempt to contact the employee at home.

An employee may not always feel able to discuss their medical problems with their line manager. Managers will be sensitive to individual concerns and make alternative arrangements,

Box 30.2 ACAS sample policies (continued)

where appropriate. For example, an employee may prefer to discuss health problems with a person of the same sex.

Evidence of incapacity

Employees can use the company self-certification arrangements for the first seven days absence. Thereafter a ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’ is required to cover every subsequent day.

If absence is likely to be protracted, ie more than four weeks continuously, there is a shared responsibility for the Company and the employee to maintain contact at agreed intervals.

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