Eurafrican Migration: Legal, Economic and Social Responses to Irregular Migration

At the Edge of Europe: The Phenomenon of Irregular Migration from Libya to ItalyIntroduction: humans not just migrantsThe geography of irregular migration by seaRoutes and organisation of migrant smugglingAfrican routes through the desertThe western routesThe eastern routesThe journey toward the Libyan coastThe sea journeyThe organisation of migrant smugglingSmuggling networks and smuggler profilesMigrants vs. smugglersConcluding remarksNotesReferencesThe EU’s ‘Soft Underbelly’? Malta and Irregular ImmigrationIrregular immigration in the 21st centuryMalta’s policy response on land, at sea and within the EUControlling irregular immigration in MaltaSaving lives at sea?Looking to EuropeMigrants’ perspectivesConclusion: trouble ahead?ReferencesExploitation of Nigerian and West African Workers and Forced Labour in Italy: Main Features and Institutional ResponsesThe state of the debate: exploitation of West African migrant workersExploitation in the agriculture sector: the case of Rosarno, CalabriaExploitation in the photovoltaic solar panel industry: the case of Lecce and Brindisi, ApuliaConcluding remarksNotesReferencesAt the Margins of Consent: Sex Trafficking from Nigeria to ItalySex trafficking, consent and the feminist debateExploitation and coercionSmuggling or trafficking: the issue of consentConclusionReferencesIrregular Migration, Xenophobia and the Economic Crisis in GreeceImmigration to GreeceThe impact of the current economic crisisThe perfect storm and the rise of xenophobiaConclusionNotesReferencesA Hidden Catastrophe: Irregular Migration within the Comoros ArchipelagoA country dividedThe migrant experienceA fork in the roadConclusionReferences
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