Information and Communications Technology

The ICT sector has grown considerably in the last few years. In the last two decades, Uganda, like most of the world, witnessed phenomenal growth in the telecommunications sector. This growth is attributed to the global technological advancements which rapidly spread to Africa. This, it would seem, was clear evidence that certain elements of economic liberalism are development enhancing, provided they are adopted with care.

The telecommunications sector in Uganda is characterized by the heavy involvement of multinational companies including MTN, Orange, Uganda Telecommunications Limited, Afri cell, and Airtel, with a total subscription of about 16 million, which is almost half of Uganda's total population. In 2009, total investment was US$240 million, having grown from only US$15 million between 1999 and 2000 (UCC 2010). The growth in revenue and investment in the sector has generated employment opportunities directly and indirectly for 300,000 people. Overall, the sector contributed 3.4 per cent to Uganda's GDP in 2009 (UCC 2010).

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