Regulatory policy in Colombia : going beyond administrative simplification.

Assessment and recommendationsEconomic context and drivers for regulatory reformPublic governance context for regulatory reformRegulatory reform developments and the main findings of the reportStrategy and policies for regulatory reformInstitutional capacities for regulatory reformImproved transparency through consultation and communication mechanismsThe development of new regulationsThe management and rationalisation of existing regulationCompliance, enforcement, and appealsEx post regulatory evaluationMulti-level regulatory governanceKey recommendationsRegulatory reform and policies in a national contextInstitutions to promote regulatory reform in ColombiaColombia’s administrative capacities for making new regulationsThe management and rationalisation of existing regulations in ColombiaCompliance, enforcement and appeals in ColombiaEx post regulatory evaluation in ColombiaMulti-level regulatory governance in ColombiaRegulatory reform in BarranquillaThe macroeconomic context in ColombiaCharting Colombia’s economic growthEmployment in the formal and informal sectorsLow labour productivityIncome inequalityLiberalising tradeWeak competition in product marketsImproving the regulatory framework for entrepreneurshipStrong economic outlook but Colombia’s challenges require ambitious structural reformsThe contribution of regulatory reform to Colombia’s economic performanceBibliographyRegulatory reform and policies in a national contextThe administrative and legal environment for regulatory reform in ColombiaRegulatory policies and core principlesRecent and current regulatory reform initiativesPolicy for the simplification of formalitiesGovernment online (Gobierno en linea, GEL)Competition advocacyPolicies dealing with regulation inside governmentInternational regulatory co-operationAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliographyInstitutions to promote regulatory reform in ColombiaInstitutions and mechanisms to promote regulatory reformExecutiveLegislativeJudiciaryNational Council on Economic and Social Policy (CONPES)Co-ordination mechanismsOrganisation and governance of regulatory agencies and supervisory bodiesRegulatory Commissions (Comisiones de Regulacion)SuperintendenciasSynergies and challenges between ministries, regulatory commissions and superintendenciasAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliographyColombia’s administrative capacities for making new regulationsAdministrative transparency and predictabilityForward planningCommunicationPlain languageThe use of consultation for dialogue with affected groupsChoice of policy instruments: Regulations and alternativesLegal review of regulatory proposalsPotential for the use of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA)Roadmap to implement RIA based on international good practicesAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliographyThe management and rationalisation of existing regulations in ColombiaReviews of the stock of regulations and formalitiesCentralised registriesAdministrative simplification initiativesBusiness Support CentresThe one-stop shop for property registrationThe one-stop shop for foreign tradeCompetitive RegulationThe Group on rationalisation and automatisation of formalities (GRAT)Administrative burdens, other simplification techniques, and general resultsAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliographyCompliance, enforcement and appeals in ColombiaApproaches to regulatory enforcement and complianceUse of risk-based approachesAppealing process for regulatory decisionsAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliographyEx post regulatory evaluation in ColombiaEx post evaluation of regulationsEx post evaluation of regulatory programmes and institutionsAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliographyMulti-level regulatory governance in ColombiaThe organisation of the Colombian territory and the distribution of regulatory attributionsMulti-level co-ordinationChallenges for and good practices in regulatory reform at the sub-national levelAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliographyRegulatory reform in BarranquillaIntroductionMain socioeconomic trends in BarranquillaLegal status and attributions of BarranquillaA framework to understand multi-level regulatory governanceRegulatory policy in a multi-level contextRegulatory institutions in a multi-level contextRegulatory policy tools in a multi-level contextThe need for a regulatory policy in BarranquillaInstitutional design in BarranquillaOrganisation of the local governmentThe District CouncilInstitutional factors required to advance regulatory reformStakeholder participationMulti-level co-ordinationMechanisms/institutions to advance multi-level regulatory co-ordinationInspections, compliance, and enforcementAdministrative capacities of the local government for making new regulationsThe application of regulatory consultation at the local levelEx ante impact analysesThe use of alternativesThe use of risk analysisCommunication and transparency of regulatory decisionsAdministrative simplification initiatives Anti-formalities policyGovernment onlineVURTotal quality managementCAEAssessment and recommendationsNotesBibliography
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