Study Guide Questions

1. It was President Lyndon B. Johnson who appointed the

a. President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice

b. Wickersham Commission

c. Chicago Crime Commission

d. Warren Commission

2. According to the Gallup Inc. public opinion polls going back many years, a majority of Americans believe that crime

a. Is decreasing

b. Always stays about the same

c. Is increasing

d. Is bloodier and more violent than ever

3. The history of humankind demonstrates that when people live together in societies, there is a need for more

a. Police officers on the street

b. Drug agencies

c. Rules and laws

d. Real-time crime centers

4. Intelligence is the_available to, collected by, or disseminated through the tactical crime analyst.

a. Secrets

b. Higher IQ

c. Inside information

d. Data

5. The tactical crime analyst is the trained analyst whose job it is to

a. Assign police officers to a beat

b. Analyze crime and criminal offenses

c. Assess the reasons why criminals offend

d. Accurately predict the next bank robbery

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