Records Management System

Many, if not most, police departments have an RMS. This is a system that allows the collection and storage of relevant police data. For instance, the RMS of a typical police department will collect and store

  • • Crime reports
  • • Arrest reports
  • • Field interview forms
  • • Accident reports
  • • Investigative case tracking
  • • Evidence (property management)
  • • Citations
  • • Warrants

Usually, an RMS is limited to records directly related to law enforcement operations.

It does not deal with the general business functions (budget, payroll, human resources functions, etc.) of a department. However, because of operational needs, an RMS may include the maintenance of duty rosters, law enforcement personnel records, and vehicle fleet maintenance records.

Furthermore, information may be entered into the RMS through automated field reporting, where there is real-time live access to all crime reports, and manual data entry, where there is less chance for technical failure, although it is a slower process.

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