Peacekeeping and Order Maintenance

Although patrol officers and traffic patrol officers make up the bulk of policing (Fuller, 2010), the police do a great variety of other things, all of which may fall under the heading of peacekeeping and order maintenance. For example, duties in this category include

  • • Responding to domestic dispute situations
  • • Controlling crowds at various public events, such as concerts, baseball games, and parades
  • • Working vice as an undercover officer
  • • Dealing with the mentally ill
  • • Working with juveniles
  • • Responding to emergencies, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and blackouts

Traffic Enforcement Functions

Local police agencies and state highway patrols are responsible for ensuring safety on the streets and highways. In some states, state police officers patrol freeways, expressways, and interstate highways, while local police patrol provide traffic enforcement services on lesser streets and roadways. The major responsibilities of highway patrol officers are to respond to traffic accidents, set up roadblocks to detect drunken drivers, and generally enforce traffic laws.

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