Case Study: Assisting with the Identification of an Out-Of-State Murder Suspect

Step 1: Planning Stage

A crime analyst was contacted by a local homicide investigator in regard to assisting an out-of-state police department in identifying a local individual who was a suspect in a double murder in the other state. The crucial piece of modus operandi, as indicated by the investigator, was that the homicide appeared to be drug related, and it appeared that the homicide suspect had been robbed by local drug dealers. This suspect was from the state in which the analyst currently worked, and that was why the request was made from the out-of-state police agency. The analyst discussed the case directly with the out-of-state police investigator.

In this case, it was determined that the need to examine local intelligence on the possible murder suspect might help to ascertain the local suspect’s associates, who could turn out to be accomplices in the homicide.

Step 2: Collection Stage

The out-of-state investigator gave the analyst the information that an unknown female, who could only be identified by the apparent nickname “Jeannie,” was a major heroin distributor within the other state for the past year. This woman who went by the name of Jeannie was a close associate of the male, who was initially arrested for the double murder. The out-of-state investigator sent the analyst a link to a social media page for the female, hoping that the analyst would be able to identify her.

In this case, we see the collection of information involved a nickname and a social media link on the possible second suspect. However, the information had yet to been deemed relevant.

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