Case Study: Shots Fired

Information Derived from the Field

The police responded to a shots fired call. Upon arrival, they found recently spent (fired) 12- gauge shotgun casings located in front of the home and noticed the front door was wide open. Officers entered the home to check for victims and found no one inside. They did find, in plain view, evidence of possible narcotics packaging. Information derived from the scene was written into an FIF and forwarded to the intelligence center in an attempt to identify the person(s) associated with the location and to see if the location posed an actual threat.

Intelligence Derived through the Intelligence Process: The Threat Identified

The intelligence analyst was able to data mine information on the location and discovered that a recent domestic incident report (DIR) documented that a male by the name of David Smith was currently staying at the location, and it was reported by the complainant that this man was involved in the sale of drugs at the location as well.

The analyst, through a rigorous data mining process, discovered a social media account associated with David Smith. The social media account had multiple photos of him holding a shotgun and a handgun. Keeping in mind that the responding officers had found spent shotgun casings in front of the location immediately after a 911 shots fired dispatched call, the analyst concluded that this was pertinent intelligence that she could directly link to the location and the David Smith who lived there. The analyst crated an intelligence product that synopsized the intelligence on the location, the man residing in the home, and its relevance to a shots fired call. The photos of the man holding the weapons were also placed on the product prior to it being disseminated throughout the law enforcement community.

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