Strategic Planning Based on Developed Intelligence

The police department’s narcotics unit was then tasked to develop a case in which they could strategically target the location, which was now deemed a threat associated with shootings, weapons, and drug sales. Narcotics was able to utilize the intelligence produced by the intelligence analyst as actionable intelligence in their investigation. Part of their strategic plan was to introduce a confidential informant into the location in an attempt to purchase narcotics. This plan proved successful, and as a result, a search warrant was written that contained aspects of the intelligence provided by the intelligence analyst, and used as part of the probable cause.

The search warrant was executed, and officers found David Smith in the home, along with a shotgun, a handgun, cocaine, and heroin.

This case illustrates intelligence-led policing, as it started with information derived from the field and used that information to develop actionable intelligence that was then used to strategically deal with the identified threat. The analyst’s intelligence resulted in an arrest and confiscation of contraband.

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